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Custom Digital Background Packages

We are super excited here at TRP to add Banner and Posters for our teams this year. As pictured below Troy Reed Photography LLC is offering a package deal to teams. When parents order at least 11 12x18 inch frameless posters for $20 each (taxes included), we can offer a 3x5 team Banner for $90 plus taxes. Travel teams are welcomed to this deal as well. Is a 3x5 not big enough for you? You are in luck.  We can custom build your banners to any size. Our Banners are 18oz which means they are total sun blockers. Price depends on your size. The posters are 12x18 inches in size and come with UV Protection on them. We also offer screen banners which cost a little more than the banner at the same size or equivalent size. No package orders necessary

Team Banners and Posters

Classic Packages (No Extractions)

Adds On Products

The following products can be added to you package/s. A package must be ordered in order to purchase these add on products. 

$85 - 50x60 inch Plush Blanket

$30 5x7 and $40 8x10


$16 Double Sided Vivid Dog Chain

Dog Chain

$10 Single Sided Dog Chain

Single Sided Dog Chain

$16 2x3 Inch Magnet/Stand Photo Frame

Magnetic or Stand Up

$24 8x10 Individual Stand


$15 12 Pack of Trader Cards

Trader Cards

$12 Each for 8x10 Memory Mates, Calenders, or Gameday Tickets

8x10 Memory Mate, Calender, or Game Day Tickets

$16 Small Team or Individual Key Chain Light

Key Chain