Watch a video on how to order and navigate my page.

Let's go through a sample purchase together.  Skip to step 4 if you have a direct link to your album.

1. Select the appropriate folder on my  homepage.  Example: York School District for the City of York Sports  and events or York Preparatory School for their sports and events.

2.  Choose the year in which your photos were taken. 

3. Choose the sport. Click on the gallery you wish to purchase from then choose you image and click on the buy button. 

4. Choose the link that has the products you wish to purchase. If multiple products, no problem click the close button after step and continue shopping.


5. If you choose downloads then add selected image to cart. View cart and select continue browsing in the top right of page. After you are finished shopping,  check that your shopping cart is correct and click the checkout link. 

6. After choosing the correct product  select the product you want and if needed use the highlighted square to crop your image correctly. If using a mobile phone, scroll to the top of the screen you will see it.  Select quanitiy and ADD TO CART.

Double and triple check your shopping cart before checking out.

7. Okay, this is where everyone gets messed up. Click on Close to continue shopping or adding to your cart. Click on view cart to checkout. If you wish to continue shopping after clicking on VIEW CART then click on the CONTINUE BROWSING LINK at the top right of page in checkout. If you are ready to buy all you have to do is click on the CHECKOUT link or the PAYPAL link.