What a weekend for Showtime Theatre Company and their awesome performers. Robert and Jennifer Read put together a stellar cast and crew. Their shows keep getting better and better with each performance. You can really tell that this is a community with the parents just as involved as the performers.  Into the Woods was performed in the stunning Magnolia Room located in Rock Hill, SC.      

Performed "In the Round" the cast worked their way in, out and around the crowd. Sometimes engaging guest with simple questions like "Have you seen a white cow?"  while singing, performing and dancing their way around the room.  In the round provides a 360 degree view of the stage and the actors. A truly unique experience.

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The hand made props, designed by the talented Robert Read and painted by the talented Jan Porter, were magnificently displayed.

During intermission the guest could make their way to get a refreshing soda, handmade cookies, chips, maybe even pick up a shirt or sticker while they were there.

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Here are just a few of the crew members that make this one the best shows in this area.

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Here are the cast members. The cast of Showtime Theatre's 2016 performance of Into the Woods in the round at the Magnolia Room. Enjoy and be sure to visit my gallery  click here  to purchase these memories. I do not get paid to attend this event so I can use all the help I can get. I spent approx. 6-7 hrs on this event. Thanks

The Narrator- Cameron Mills

Cinderella- Cate Jambe'

Jack - Najari Suchanek

Milkey White- Caleb Lumsden

The Baker- Christopher Gravley

The Baker's Wife- Savannah McCart

Florinda- Hailey Lane

Lucinda- Evan Dibrell

Little Red Riding Hood- Laura Rae Robinson

Jack's Mother- Victoria Nelson

The Witch- Molly Neal

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Cinderella's Father- Brody Donaldson

Mysterious Man- Lila Shortell

The Wolf- McKenna Baker

Rapunzel- Molly Barbery

Rapunzel's Prince- Christian Griffin

Granny- Rachel Jewitt

Cinderella's Prince- Dylan Read

Steward- Sara-Kate Bradshaw

Villager- Lauren North

Cinderella's Mother- Carly Hart

Villager- Mary Morgan Love

Villager- Mackenzie Gordon

Cinderella's Step-Mom- Emily Morrison

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